Our History

Kashmir is India's northernmost state and was the point through which ancient India passed to the world from the North. It was a pivotal point through which the wealth, knowledge, and products of ancient India passed to the world. The Kashmir shawl that evolved from a local expertise had greater fame than any other Indian textile. Perhaps the most widely known woven textiles are the famed Kashmir shawls. It evolved in the 15th century and has also been high-fashion garments in the Western Europe since the early 1800’s. Shawls today are used in order to keep warm, to complement a costume, as an accessory or a high-fashion garment and in some cases for symbolic reasons.

Our Family

We are a family of artisans from Kashmir, India. We make fine quality and unique Kashmiri products. We make shawls, stoles and scarfs. We specialise in handmade or hand embroidered or hand woven products, which are not produced in mass quantities in factories or by manufacturers. This makes our products very unique and special. We as a family have been making these products over several generations.

Our Speciality

Some of our products are made individually by a signal artisan (the whole product) and in some cases by two or more artisans all sitting together at the same place and making the product simultaneously. When you will see our products you will not only see the rich tradition of the product and the beautiful hand work but also experience and feel the rich traditions, art, culture and warmth of the Kashmiri people and our artisans all embedded in our products which all tell you of our story.

Our Passion

Our passion and dedication for the best quality of products and workmanship is a part of our life. Each product made by our artisans not only speak of the artisan commitment but also show the artistic enthusiasm of the artisan and the making of the treasure that would soon be owned and become a part of your family legacy as the proud owners of our beautiful work.

Our Time

We individually and collectively put in a lot of time and need to be patient from the beginning to the end of the product making. We cannot rush the making of the product, since it is not just a product made from a factory or piece that can be mass produced and replaced by a machine in a day or quickly. Some of our products take a lot of time, for example some products take up to two years and in some cases may even take up to four years or more depending upon the design and intricacy of work, which makes each of these products a collector’s item. The time taken depends upon the kind of material that is being used to make the product, the kind of intricate work that is being done on the product, design etc etc. No masterpiece or treasure is made without giving it proper time for the masterpiece to be made, thus making you owners of these collector’s items.

Our Integrity

We are a family with integrity and value relationships above all and our approach to all matters is as a family member in all our interactions. We value our relationships above business, profits, greed and vices of life and are committed in our deep routed family beliefs. We are simple people but very proud people. We do not allow our children to work with us or allow child labour as we believe in education and individual choices. Our children are welcome to join us when they become of age and chose their own path after which they start their training.